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This platform has started from a paper on e-assessment and polished to support actual examination from freelance professors with small classes
to big organisations with the platform set on-premises.

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Create auto-generated data and explore our features using different roles like Admin, Professor and Student. Manage Exams, Courses and Users in a sandbox environment to understand the Exams Studio's capabilities.

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Compose multipart segments with different Question types that all can be automatically graded based on the student's answers and the pre-provided correct answers.

Invite students to your exam by email, control who is participating directly on the examination.

Control the Exam by starting and stopping the timer for your students.

Always have visibility on the currently active student's status and remaining time.

Students can save their answers as draft without publishing them for grading in order to avoid technical issues to their pending submissions.

This platform is for testing only, If you want to set it up on-premise feel free to contact me at dukevomv@gmail.com.